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How to Fix 12 Common WordPress Errors

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There are some common WordPress errors that you should know about. These errors are easier to fix than you might realize. Here are 12 common WordPress errors and how you can go about fixing them. Syntax and Parse Errors One common error is the parse or syntax error. This will occur because there is a code problem. This error is often found in the functions.php file. when you load the page, you will get an error message. You’ll have to access this file via SFTP to correct the issue. Often you will know what line in the error is on. You will have to locate the line within the file and fix it in some cases it might be as simple as a missing parenthesis. Save the file to replace the old one. You should always back up the old file it just in case the new correction isn’t right. White Screen of Death WordPress will sometimes give you a white screen. This replaces the site with white page and there are no error messages displayed. In many cases, this is simply because the site isn’t loading properly. You can correct it by having a look at several areas of the site. You should disable themes, plugins, Purge the cache, and raise the memory limit of your website. You can see if the changes correct the problem. If you can’t fix the issue contact your support team for further assistance. Server Internal Error If your server has an issue you may get an internal server error. Often this is with the htaccess file of your site. The site may have also reached the memory limit. This file communicates with the server. Disable this file to see if the problem is caused by this by using SFTP. Rename the file then look at your site to see if proper operation is back. 404 Error
If the server can’t find a requested page you’ll get a 404 error. This is used to cause weight change URL or broken link. The main cause of this is usually the htaccess file. This is the file that handles the hyperlink structure of your site. It may not be handling the URLs correctly. You should create a new file. The file may need re-upload if the error isn’t corrected. Problems with Your Database Connection If the site can’t get to the database then you will get an error. In many cases, this is caused by a problem in the wp-config.php file. this is the file that contains information about the database. You can right-click on this file and then select the view and edit. You should check to ensure that the credentials of your file are correct. who’s the WordPress database tool as this can help repair a corrupted database. A Connection Timed Out Error If the site can’t connect within a certain amount of time connection timed out error may occur. In most cases, this is because the site doesn’t have the required resources for proper functioning. Another site might be hogging the resources. You could also exceed the allowed bandwidth. To reduce this problem, you should consider upgrading your hosting plan. You could also increase the PHP memory limit of your site. The Sidebar below the Main Site Content Your sidebar might move from its original position. This is usually a CSS code or a theme HTML issue. You may have a leftover tags or an incorrect margin in your CSS file. These will need to be corrected. Can’t Upload Images
Your images might not upload correctly or not upload at all. This is usually because you have incorrect file permissions. Access to site SFTP and finally the uploads folder. Select file permissions and set this value to 744. This allows you to both read and write uploads. Do this for all of the files in the folder. You will then set the value to 644 and check the recurse file permissions option, then save the changes. Can’t Access Admin Area
You may not be able to access the admin area of your site. You’ll probably have to recover your password if you have forgotten it. You may also be able to use phpMyAdmin to reset your password, but this might cause a problem with your database. Only use it if you absolutely need to. You can also simply contact your website provider. Stuck in Maintenance Mode And you are in the maintenance mode this is an automatic feature that disables the site as updates are taking place. In some cases, you may get stuck in this mode. All you do is start SFTP and access the root folder of your site. You want to delete the dot maintenance file. Start the failed update as it probably didn’t complete correctly. Scheduled Post Error You may want to schedule a post ahead of time but getting a missed schedule error. This is caused by a process which is called cron jobs which WordPress uses to automate some processes. You can eliminate this error but using a plug-in such as the scheduled post-trigger plug-in. Failed Auto Update
In some cases, an automatic update may fail. There could be a glitch in the server connection to WordPress files. To fix this you have to manually update WordPress by downloading the latest version of it. Install it on your site with SFTP.


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