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5 WordPress Installation Problems that You Must Know About Right Now

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WordPress is known for being easy to use and learn. Even though it is pretty easy to use, there is a set of problems people face during the installation process. It might turn out to be very frustrating. And most of us are not familiar with these problems. So, we don’t know how to resolve them.

But we’re here to help. Here are the 5 common mistakes that you might encounter during the installation process and how to resolve these problems.

#1. Error establishing a database connection

It is one of the common problems in WordPress. It means the website is unable to connect to the database. Misconfiguration in wp-config.php file might be the reason for this error. To fix this problem locate the file in root of this WordPress installation. Ensure you have provided the correct information in:

Database Name

Database Username

Database host

Database password

#2. Connection Timeout

When your website overruns server limit you might be seeing connection timeout error. Here are ways you can solve this issue:

If you think it is a theme related issue, then disable the current theme. Go back to the WordPress original theme and check if the error is fixed or not.

Ask your hosting provider to increase your PHP memory limits.

You might want to increase the execution time in your php.ini file. If needed, ask your hosting provider to do this for you.

#3. 403: Forbidden Access

This error message may show up when you are viewing a specific page of your site. This error means your server doesn’t allow access to a page. Poor security plugins could be another cause for this problem. Security plugins can block the malicious IP address. To sort out this problem, check if you are using plugins and whether or not they are being blocked. Also, check your website for correct file permission by asking your hosting provider’s support.

#4. WordPress posts returning 404 Error

This is a bit of a tricky error. In this error, you have access to the blog’s main page, but you will be getting this error message shown if you try to access a single post. This might be quite tricky for starters. Usually, this happens if .htaccess file somehow got deleted or if the rewrite rules went wrong somehow.

You can fix this problem by fixing permalinks settings. To do this, go to settings, then permalinks and then click the Save button on the dashboard. This will automatically update the permalinks settings and the rewrite rules will be flushed. The problem should be fixed but if it still persists, you might manually need to update the .htaccess file. To do that, you need to use FTP to log into your server and modify the .htaccess file. This file is located in the same place where folders like wp-content/wp-includes are. Then you have to add codes to .htaccess file manually.

#5. 500: Internal Server Error in WordPress

It is one of the confusing and common problems for newcomers. It basically occurs because of plugins, Theme features or PHP memory limit being exceeded. It is not a WordPress-specific issue. Yet there might be other sources of this problem. But don’t panic, in most of the case this problem is caused by your host provider.

To solve this problem you need to locate the source first.

Firstly, it maybe because the .htaccess file got corrupted. To solve this, connect via FTP to get to the root of your website; then locate the file and rename it to .htaccess_old. Now refresh your website. It should work properly now.

On the other hand, there might some files that don’t have the correct permission, and they could be causing this problem. To solve this issue, select the file or folder via FTP and edit its permissions.

Using WordPress comes with its own set of challenges. Hopefully this guide will have you sorted – at least for the major problems!



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