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12 Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website! 

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Word press is known to be a fine platform for developing different kinds of websites. It has become highly popular over the past few years since it offers a number of high end features that are not offered by any competitive platform. When it comes to word press websites, there is always room for improvements. For instance, if you are unsatisfied with the speed and responsiveness of your website, you can always do a lot about it. 12 different ways to speed up your word press website in this regard are discussed below for your convenience and understanding.

  1. Go for a good host

If you have been in the website business for some time now, you would be completely familiar with the importance of having a good web host for your website. It always proves to be a great help when you manage to find a host with low down time and good responsiveness. So if you are looking to improve the overall speed of your website, the first thing that you might want to do is to move your site to a better host.

  1. Get the right theme/framework

Selecting the right kind of theme has a solid impact on the overall speed of your website. You would be completely surprised by the extent to which it affects your website’s performance. Having a theme that offers a lot of features appears to be charismatic but it also serves as an anchor that weighs your website down. So go for a simple and elegant theme that might be able to do the right job for your site.

  1. Make use of a good caching plugin

The concept of caching is very remarkable. It greatly decreases the page loading time for a website. Therefore it is highly recommended for you to get a good caching plugin for your website so that it might be able to do the same trick for you. You can find a number of plugins that are available free of cost.

  1. Use a CDN

Almost all the high end blogs out there are using content delivery networks as a CDN is known to take all the static files of a site while enabling visitors to get them downloaded by serving them on servers present in their close proximities in order to minimize the time. The majority of the bogs including some very famous ones make use of this technique to reduce their response times.

  1. Optimize your images

Optimization always helps in making a website more responsive by reducing its response time. Images are usually heavier in size in comparison to plain text. Therefore, optimizing them always helps. You can find a number of image optimizers out there that might prove to be helpful in this regard. Yahoo for instance offers a fine one that drastically decreases the overall size of your images. It is known as and may easily be found on the internet.

  1. Optimize the homepage

A homepage is undoubtedly the most important page of a website since it is the first page a visitor comes across whenever they access the website. So it is highly recommended to optimize it to the right extent so that it might be able to deliver the right speed and responsiveness. A few things that might be done in this regard are listed below.

  • Use excerpts rather than complete posts
  • Show a limited number of posts on your home page
  • Get rid of unessential sharing widgets
  • Get rid of inactive widgets and plugins
  • Use the minimal number of widgets as your visitors are more interested in your content


  1. Optimize word press database

Optimizing your word press database may also do wonders for your website. You can make use of the WP optimize plugin and it would take care of everything for you.


  1. Disable leeching and hot linking of content

Hot linking may be referred to as a kind of bandwidth theft that takes place when different websites link their images directly to your website that greatly increases your server load. So it is strongly recommended to disable the hot linking of your content in the root .htaccess file of your website.

  1. Adjust Gravatar images

There are usually no gravatar images in a website by default and it is not the best aesthetic choice. So it is recommended to adjust a reasonable gravatar image for your website. It may be a logo or any other thing of your own choice.

  1. Add lazy load to different images

Lazy load may be referred to as the process in which only the images are present above the fold load. So in order for a visitor to check other images out, they have to scroll down and the images get loaded at the run time.

  1. Disable trackbacks and pingbacks

According to the default settings of your word press websites, pingbacks and trackbacks are enabled. So whenever you get mentioned by some other blog, your website is notified which updates the post data. So when you disable these features, your backlinks stay put while your website becomes more efficient.

  1. Use static HTML instead of PHP

If you come across a situation in which you believe using static HTML would be a better choice, it is strongly recommended to use it instead of using PHP in such scenarios.



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